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Get Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel in 14 Days or It's On Us! + It Comes Furnished

Our bathroom remodels come fully furnished with new: towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower curtain, floor mats, and more!

Bathroom Remodel LP3 Anchor

✔️ Discuss Your Vision: Share your ideas, inspirations, and preferences

✔️ Explore Your Options: We'll discuss potential materials, color schemes, fixtures, and more

✔️ Evaluation Your Space: We'll talk about the current state of your bathroom, its dimensions, and any architectural constraints, ensuring that every design idea is feasible

✔️ Create Preliminary Design Mock-up: Get a basic visualization of what your remodeled bathroom could look like

✔️ Practical Considerations: Dive into aspects like storage solutions, lighting, and water efficiency

✔️ Project Success: Understand the path forward regarding project timelines, and processes for a successful project. We ensure clarity from the get-go

Let's Start Your Bathroom Transformation

Hurry, only 3 remodel spots available next month!

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Why Homeowners Enjoy Working with Us?

2 Year Warranty on Remodels

Honored Quotes, No Alterations

Super Fast Remodel Time

Is This You?

Outdated Design & Fixtures: Is your bathroom feeling outdated?

Storage & Space: Running out of room for essentials or in need of personal space for everyone?

Single Sink Woes: Need more than one sink during busy mornings?

Resale Value Concerns: Concerned about your home's resale value?

Safety and Accessibility: Need a safer, more accessible bathroom?

Inefficient Layout: Is your bathroom layout inconvenient?

Lack of Luxurious Touch: Dreaming of a spa-like bathroom?

Poor Lighting: Struggling with inadequate bathroom lighting?

Mold & Ventilation: Battling persistent mold or inadequate ventilation issues?

Low-quality Materials: Worried your bathroom materials won't stand the test of time?

Our Solution

At Bonn Group America Construction, we understand these frustrations. That's why we prioritize customized solutions, efficient work, and effective communication, all backed by a comprehensive warranty. We strive to make bathroom remodels an enjoyable, stress-free experience with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and after-service support.


Fill out the form above to schedule a free consultation and experience our customer-focused approach to bathroom remodeling.

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