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Which Shower is Right for Your Bathroom? Bathroom Tub vs. Bathroom Stall Shower

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Over the years of remodeling bathrooms across Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, one of the most common question that come up is our recommendation for what type of bathroom shower to go for; bathroom tub or bathroom stall shower. Though both options are good, we will point out some key factors that can help if you are ever to face a decision like this.

Before we proceed let us define what is a bathroom tub shower and what is a bathroom stall shower. A bathroom tub shower is a deep enclosed space used to either sit or stand in order to bathe or shower and can hold liquids of water. Whereas a bathroom stall shower is the opposite, a stall shower is a shower enclosed space used to only stand (hence the name "stall") and has no ability to hold water.

Tub vs Stall Shower


I think the first decision to make when trying to choose between a bathroom tub vs bathroom stall shower is how you plan to use it. Ask yourself a few questions; are you the type that simple take showers just to wash off or do you enjoy taking long showers? (for some people this is a way to meditate). If you are someone who solely gets in the shower just to wash off and nothing else, then a shower stall will be right for you. Otherwise, if you are someone who treats showers as a way to take a break, or relax a little at the end of the day or after a long day of work, then a tub will be more preferable for you to really relax, run the water and soak in it. The one advantage that the tub has over the stall shower is the choice it provides to either sit or stand while taking a shower or bath.


Aesthetics and overall look is another thing to consider when trying to choose between a bathroom tub vs bathroom stall shower. The stall shower is the current trends, a lot of homeowners are converting their tubs to stall showers rather than the other way around. The lower depth, minimalistic and modern look of the stall shower makes it look better than the tub which can be an eyesore in bathrooms because of its bulky look--- especially in an average sized bathroom. The stall showers typically looks a lot better since most are installed with shower glass doors creating an illusion of space and depth. The stall shower is a better option if you are looking for something more modern and minimalistic.


The maintenance of the bathroom tub vs the bathroom stall shower are fairly similar depending on the material choices you decide with and I'll explain. In the past years though there has been some new color options for tub showers, the standard and most popular color for a tub shower is 'white'. A white color tub can get dirty really quick especially if you love to take baths. As the water sits in the tub, the dirt start to stick to the walls of the tub. And just like the white area of the tub, the one task that needs maintenance with stall showers is the shower glass doors, which can also easily get dirty due to soap residue. Apart from that if you choose the right color grout for your tiles it should help with the overall maintenance of your tub or stall shower.


Last but not least let us talk about cost. We understand that cost can play a big factor in the overall decision between a tub vs a stall shower, so let us help with that. The cost to install a tub vs stall shower can be significant. When it comes to installing the tubs, the only thing required is usually the tub, tub surround & the faucet fixtures. In some cases some homeowners may opt to tile their tub surrounding area instead of using the tub surround, but in this case let us focus on the fiberglass tub surround. A tub, tub surround and faucets should cost you anywhere between $800 - $1000 for all materials and anywhere between $2,500 - $3,500 for all labor.

On the other hand, a 5ft x 3 ft stall shower which is the same size of a tub can cost you anywhere between $8,000 to $10,000+ for material and labor. This cost is significantly higher due the amount of tiling and materials needed to complete the work. Tiling & the shower glass door are the greatest cost driving factors with stall showers. Before a stall shower is installed, the shower base has to be formed and poured with concrete. The tiles are then installed around the walls, and floors of the stall area, then later grouted. After the tiles are grouted the shower fixtures and handles are then installed, then the shower glass door to be installed in order for the stall to be ready for use.


In conclusion, the tub and stall shower are both good options for bathrooms. It really all comes down to how you intend to use the space and your budget.

We are here to help if you need anymore assistance with your tub or stall shower.


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