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Deck & Fence Construction in Le Droit Park Washington, DC

Client's Vision: A larger, more functional deck that harmonizes with the existing aesthetics of their row house and the metal railing of the old deck.

Challenge: The project involved demolishing a small deck and constructing a more spacious one in its place. The primary goal was to blend the new structure seamlessly with the existing second-floor deck and the home's brick exterior.

Solution: Opting for grey Trex deck boards, we ensured a perfect match with the house's brick wall, maintaining the historic charm of Le Droit Park. The deck's design was thoughtfully altered, replacing the straight flight of steps with a deck featuring a landing to access the basement. This not only provided necessary clearance but also enhanced the deck's functionality.

Additional Feature: A stunning diagonal wood fence was installed, offering the homeowners increased privacy without compromising on style. This addition elevated the overall aesthetic and utility of the outdoor space.

Duration: The project spanned approximately 2.5 weeks post-permit approval, executed meticulously by Bonn Group America Construction.

Outcome: The clients are thrilled with their expanded outdoor space. The blend of privacy, functionality, and aesthetic appeal allows them to enjoy their new deck at any time.

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